Rams offering fantasy football experience

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- Over the next couple of weeks, it's entirely possible that St. Louis Rams running back Zac Stacy will have his name called in a draft from the team's draft room at Rams Park for the second time. And a third. And a fourth. And on and on.

In searching for news ways to reach fans, the Rams are opening up their training facility for local fans to host their fantasy football drafts. While the Rams are on the road this week in Cleveland and next against Miami, fans can book a date and time to hold their league drafts in the Rams' executive board room, the owners suite or, most desirable, the draft room where the team makes all of its picks in the NFL draft.

"We obviously want to give our fans a unique experience whether it’s at a game day, at training camp, at an outside event," Kyle Eversgerd, the team's manager of fan development and alumni relations. "Fantasy football as we all know is huge and we’ve all had teams forever so why not incorporate our building and our facility."

The Rams actually attempted to begin opening the doors to fantasy football fans last year but didn't have the head start necessary to get the word out. This year, the Rams began advertising earlier and Eversgerd has already received multiple calls to take reservations.

For a $100 per person fee, leagues with a minimum of eight players, can choose which location they want to host their drafts on a first-come, first-served basis. That price includes a photo opportunity with the team's Super Bowl XXXIV championship trophy, use of the building's Wi-Fi, the use of a Rams-branded draft board to be operated by an included draft host or hostess and all food and drink.

For fans who want to upgrade their draft experience, Eversgerd said the Rams are offering add-ons. For an additional fee, the Rams will provide personalized NFL footballs that can serve as a league trophy. Team cheerleaders and select Rams alumni players can also join the party for an added cost.

"You see it everywhere, unique venues, restaurants so why not come to a facility that’s all about football 24/7?" Eversgerd said. "Especially our draft room where we actually choose our players and real life football drafting goes on. It’s one of those things we think is a unique opportunity and hopefully fans will take part in."

Should the idea take off, the Rams are hopeful that they can continue expanding the idea into something much bigger. Eversgerd envisions a larger league where eight to 12 people all co-manage teams and drafts involved something closer to 100 people with Rams' provided prizes such as a suite for a game of season tickets.

"We see the opportunity in engaging our fans and our brand, bringing them into our building, seeing our Super Bowl trophy and doing it through fantasy football is a huge opportunity," Eversgerd said. "It’s just another touchpoint for us and our fans."