Rams roster moves may not be done

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The St. Louis Rams trimmed their roster to the initial 53 players on Saturday afternoon. Not the final roster, the initial roster.

That's an important distinction to make at this time of year with rosters in flux all over the league. Rams coach Jeff Fisher didn't hesitate Saturday to mention that his roster could look much different soon enough.

"We got to 53 (players), as everybody else has," Fisher said Saturday. "I can’t say that we’re done. We’re no different than any other team in the league. We’re going to watch the wire and see if it’s at all possible for us to upgrade our football team over the next couple of days.”

In looking at the roster, there are a couple of positions that stand out as places where the Rams could tweak. Since starting quarterback Sam Bradford suffered a season-ending ACL injury against Cleveland, Fisher has been open about the team's interest in potentially adding a quarterback to provide depth behind Shaun Hill.

As it stands, only Austin Davis remains on the roster behind Hill after the Rams released rookie Garrett Gilbert. The Rams have carried just two quarterbacks at times in two years under Fisher but Davis has never taken a snap in a regular-season game.

Fisher again mentioned the Rams have not engaged in any trade discussions for a quarterback but that they would keep all of their options open as they scour the market.

“Well we’ve gone into most games with two quarterbacks on the active roster," Fisher said. "We have one on practice squad here and there. That’s not an issue. The quarterback position is a position that we’re going to address, that we’re going to monitor. We’ll get the list (of cuts) and we’ll see what’s out there. I’m sure there’ll be workouts and tryouts and a potential to do some things at the position but right now as I said a couple of days ago, we’re not going to overreact. We’re going to apply patience to this situation.”

It would also stand to reason that the Rams will take a closer look at linebackers who come available. They only have five for now, which is at least one fewer than they normally carry. They don't have to add a sixth but the only backups are second-year players Ray Ray Armstrong and Daren Bates, neither of whom has played much other than special teams.

As for where corresponding roster moves could come from, tight end would seem a logical place to start. The Rams have five on the roster, including youngsters Justice Cunningham and Alex Bayer.

“It’s probably heavy at the position," Fisher said. "But it shows you what both Alex and Justice have been able to do and contribute. Again, there’s going to be some movement on the roster. We’ve felt like this year’s roster going in may be heavy here and there. We’ve got an additional spot, unfortunately, because (WR Stedman Bailey) ‘Sted’ won’t be with us for four weeks so you can go heavy here or there.”