Morning Ram-blings: 49ers fallout

ST. LOUIS -- Instead of the usual look at one primary issue followed by links of the day, we're going to treat this morning's Ram-blings as a sort of media driven call-in show.

We're going to get right into the links with takes from all over the place on the St. Louis Rams' 35-11 loss to the San Francisco 49ers last night. Needless to say, it's not a pretty picture.

Let's start with some local perspectives:

St. Louis Post-Dispatch columnist Bernie Miklasz points out (correctly) how embarrassed some of the Rams' legends in attendance for last night's game must have felt watching their old team get battered by a hated rival. For guys like Eric Dickerson and the rest, playing the Niners tough has long been a point of pride, but it didn't seem as though this Rams team played with that same passion last night.

His fellow Post-Dispatch columnist Joe Strauss focuses his ire at the Rams' running game or, more specifically, the lack of a running game. To this point, the Rams have showed zero ability to run the ball consistently well or even well in spurts. At this point, it doesn't look like a matter of simply falling behind and being unable to establish the run. It looks more like the line isn't getting the job done, and the Rams don't have a back that is capable of finding yards with small holes to work with. Over at Fox Sports Midwest, Ben Frederickson takes a similar look at the running woes.

Stltoday.com columnist Jeff Gordon offered his grades for the Rams from last night's game, and let's just say that John "Bluto" Blutarsky would even be embarrassed by this report card.

Fox Sports Midwest columnist Stan McNeal ponders what things could look like at the Rams' next home game against a struggling Jacksonville team with the Cardinals potentially playing a baseball playoff game.

Unlike last week's debacle in Dallas, which seemed to fly under the radar a bit, there's no hiding from this one for the Rams after laying an egg on a national stage. National media outlets were in attendance and/or watching, and obviously came away unimpressed.

The MMQB's Robert Klemko took a look at the Rams' disappointing defense. In many ways, this is a group that has been the biggest surprise so far. I expected the offense to take some time to come together, but the defense was supposed to be able to bail the water from the ship until it did. Instead, it's only sprung additional leaks.

SI.com's Chris Burke didn't talk much about the Rams in his piece, but he did mention the phrase "going through the motions" at one point. That's a scary phrase to seen thrown around a football team, because it indicates some obvious lack of effort.

At CBSSports.com, Will Brinson didn't follow Gordon's lead and offer position by position grades, but he did give the Rams one grade. I think you can guess what it is.

And finally, some numbers from our friends over at Stats & Info on the success of the Niners getting to their basic run tenets.


A quick roundup of yesterday's stories from this corner of cyberspace. ... Let's start at the end with my column on the Rams' apparent regression in the first four games. ... Working backwards, some observations from the Rams' postgame scene as well as quick reactions from right after the game. ... Running back Isaiah Pead was a surprise scratch before the game. ... And some pregame stuff, back when it seemed the Rams had some hope to win this one. Three things to watch, Double Coverage (can we please ignore my awful prediction?) and matchups to watch.