Don't expect much from new Rams' QBs

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The St. Louis Rams added a couple of quarterbacks to their depth chart Tuesday when they decided to bring back Austin Davis and add veteran Brady Quinn.

When we discussed the options for possible backups to Kellen Clemens on Monday, I cautioned that any adds the team made at the position probably wouldn't move the needle much.

The NFL right now is devoid of talented backup quarterbacks, heck, some teams are struggling to find even a viable starter -- anyone watching Minnesota last night or Jacksonville all year knows what I mean. So it's not surprising that any additions made with quarterbacks coming from free agency would likely be moves that don't move the needle much.

From the Rams' perspective, adding Davis and Quinn makes sense. Remember, neither player is expected to come in and play right away or maybe even at all if Clemens can stay healthy and fare well enough to keep a hold on the starting job.

In Davis, the Rams get a quarterback who knows coordinator Brian Schottenheimer's offense and has the ability to extend plays with his legs. Should something happen to Clemens in the interim, the Rams would be able to do a bit more schematically with Davis and not be as limited if he came into the game.

Quinn brings a more veteran presence and is a guy the Rams actually had interest in before he signed in Kansas City last year. It'll take him a bit longer to get familiar with the Rams' offense, but if needed, he at least can provide some stability and experience.

Still, in a league where quarterbacks are hard to find, Davis and Quinn were available for a reason. Davis had his chance to win the job now occupied by Clemens and was unable to make the strides necessary to do so. Neither player should be expected to be a savior, nor do the Rams look at them as such. The Rams are putting their faith in Clemens, the quarterback on the roster who has both experience and a knowledge of the offense, traits that can only be found separately in Quinn and Davis.

Whatever success the Rams have the rest of this season is unlikely to have much to do with the moves they made Tuesday and far more to do with Clemens and the rest of the starters on both sides of the ball.