Quarterback conundrum a league-wide issue

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- That the St. Louis Rams reached out to 44-year-old veteran Brett Favre says plenty about their plan, or lack thereof, for the backup spot behind Sam Bradford both now and from the offseason. It also speaks to a bigger issue that has become prevalent around the league this year: finding a quarterback is really, really hard.

NFL Nation columnist Kevin Seifert offered up a good take on this issue not long after the Favre story came out. It's certainly worth reading in its entirety but here's the undeniable truth that sticks out from the column:

"Whether it was a matter of due diligence or panic, the call provided the darkest sign yet of the state of quarterback play in the NFL midway through the 2013 season."

Already this season, injuries to quarterbacks are happening at a record-setting pace. That's forced teams like the Rams to scramble for help at the game's most important position. As Seifert wrote, the scary truth could be that the Rams might have been on to something in calling Favre. Given the landscape of what's out there, maybe he was indeed a better option than any of the others on the roster.