No Rams' trades, no surprise

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The trade deadline came and went Tuesday afternoon and the St. Louis Rams stood pat. That was hardly a surprise.

With Rams coach Jeff Fisher's news conference falling on a Tuesday because of the Monday Night game, this is ground we've yet to cover. Of course, we did kind of go over this a few times in the past few weeks but just with a couple refreshers on why a trade was going to be tough to pull off.

First, the Rams have next to no available salary cap space. Rare is the player-for-player trade in the NFL, so unless the Rams had made a deal involving two players with commensurate salaries, there was little chance to get a deal done. Also, while the Rams could use help at a few positions, general manager Les Snead is loathe to trade draft picks. He wasn't going to do that for a quick fix (read: marginal upgrade at best) at quarterback and he wasn't likely to do it for another position, either.

The only way I believe the Rams would have been involved in a deal is if they could have pulled off something shipping one of their players for a draft pick. Quite simply, there aren't any players on the roster the Rams would want to part with who could net them a draft pick in return and meet salary cap requirements.