Could Rams be in play for 'Hard Knocks?'

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The offseason is here for the Los Angeles Rams and now that we know where they'll be playing their home games for the long-term, things have settled down enough to spend our weekends answering a few of your Twitter questions.

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On to your questions.

@nwagoner: The Rams have been one of the teams eligible to appear on "Hard Knocks" for each of the past few years and they still haven't done it. That's largely because Rams coach Jeff Fisher doesn't really want to. So to answer your question, I don't think that he'd fight for their selection based on his general preference to not have such distractions. However, if ever the Rams are going to be on the show, this would seem to be the year it would make the most sense. The NFL is clearly very proud and pleased to have a team, especially the Rams, back in Los Angeles. The Rams are an interesting team from a personality standpoint and doing "Hard Knocks" upon moving back into such a major market would be a good way to generate some buzz in the City of Angels. No decision has been made yet on this front but I've heard whispers about the possibility. Of course, the Rams have much bigger fish to fry at the moment with the actual move, draft and free agency forthcoming. But we'll see where it goes in the next few months after things settle down a bit.

@nwagoner: Case Keenum is not under contract at the moment but he is under team control. He is a restricted free agent, which means the Rams can give him a tender offer at one of the various compensation levels and retain the right to match any outside offer he might receive. The Rams haven't taken care of that piece of business, but it could come as soon as next week. It will be interesting to see what tender level they use for Keenum to make sure they don't lose him. He's currently the presumptive starter and the Rams have no intention of letting him leave. Which means to play it safe they might go with a first or second-round tender to make sure that if any team tries to sign him and the Rams don't want to match, they get a valuable pick in return. Last year, the Rams used the second-round tender on safety Rodney McLeod, a one-year deal he played under. It wouldn't surprise if the Rams opted to go that way with Keenum.