Morning Ram-blings: A picture's worth...

ST. LOUIS -- In today's social media-centric world, the idea of incriminating photos popping up is nothing new. Actually, it's pretty standard.

But sometimes too much can be made of a simple photo. Such was the case with a picture recently taken by a group of Rams fans with receiver Tavon Austin.

The photo, which features Austin posing with a group that is doing what it can to try to bring the Rams back to Los Angeles, led to a blog entry on stltoday.com from Joe Holleman.

In the photo, Austin poses in front of the group while at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl in southern California.

Tensions are a bit high in St. Louis right now when it comes to the Rams and anything Los Angeles related. The Rams' lease at the Edward Jones Dome ends after next season and there has been no movement toward a solution for a new stadium or a revamped dome.

Of course, the same can be said of Los Angeles, but that doesn't keep either side from engaging in social media arguing or bickering. In reality, Austin posing with fans of the team he plays for, no matter where they are from, isn't something that should draw criticism. Plenty of athletes go out of their way to ignore their fans.

In the bigger picture, it doesn't matter how many players pose for photos with any group it won't have any impact on what happens with the team's future in St. Louis.


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