Morning Ram-blings: Help from Seattle?

ST. LOUIS -- The difficulty of the NFC West division has been a hot topic in New York this week as part of the many story lines surrounding the Super Bowl. Throughout the week, various members of the Seattle Seahawks have offered praise for San Francisco, Arizona and, yes, the St. Louis Rams.

The respect amongst the division has been apparent. In his Thursday column at stltoday.com, Bernie Miklasz offered some interesting and amusing takes from a variety of Seahawks on how they view the Rams.

In polling Seattle's players on how they could see the Rams improving, Miklasz got plenty of answers, many of which we've discussed here. Some mentioned adding more playmakers, one mentioned a physical wide receiver and an anonymous player mentioned the secondary.

Seattle's thoughts on Rams quarterback Sam Bradford were more intriguing to me, especially this one from linebacker O'Brien Schofield:

“You need a running quarterback in this division,” Schofield told Miklasz. “The defenses are too good to just stand there and try to make throws. You need a quarterback who can make plays by getting out of the pocket and breaking down a defense that way.”

As Miklasz pointed out, the Rams are 5-2-1 in division games Bradford has started the past two seasons. But noting the athleticism and ability of defenses in the NFC West does make you wonder if having that ability is more important. I'm of the belief that it doesn't and a good pocket passer can be every bit as successful, if not more, than someone with scrambling ability. It simply puts more emphasis on building a strong offensive line.


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