Morning Ram-blings: Saffold's strange day

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- All the details of a Wednesday night that ultimately led to offensive lineman Rodger Saffold's return to the St. Louis Rams after a failed physical from the Oakland Raiders may never be known.

It was one of the more bizarre situations you'll ever find in the NFL or any other professional sport. But it worked out for the Rams.

Perhaps as close as we'll ever come to having a grasp on what exactly took place that night can be found in this piece from Jim Thomas on stltoday.com. In speaking with Alan Herman, Saffold's agent, Thomas offers plenty of insight into how the evening played out from the Saffold camp's eyes.

Of course, that tells just one side of the story. The Oakland contingent insists that Saffold has a torn labrum in his shoulder and that was the reason for the failed physical. The San Francisco Chronicle offered some details of the Raiders' side.

As with any situation in which there are two sides to a story, there is probably truth to be found in both but one thing we can all agree on is just how strange the whole scenario is.

Saffold finally signed his five-year contract with the Rams early Thursday evening and soon took to Twitter to break his silence and offer some thoughts.

Here's a sample of those:


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