Morning Ram-blings: An L.A. stadium?

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- In the years since the Rams and the Raiders departed Los Angeles for St. Louis and Oakland, respectively, there's been almost endless speculation about what it would take to get football back in the City of Angels.

Of course, most of those discussions have been veritable non-starters because the city still offers no clear-cut, upscale home for that team to play in. Which, of course, is one of the primary reasons football left in the first place. But, according to Los Angeles Times NFL writer Sam Farmer, that could be changing in the near future.

Farmer even joined ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd to discuss the story and the chances of the NFL putting together the pieces to finally return football to Los Angeles.

What's most interesting here and the new information available is Farmer's report that the NFL has some owners who like the idea of the league building the stadium in order to put teams in Los Angeles rather than having a team owner handle the cost. In essence, you'd have the NFL owning the stadium and thus able to dictate who becomes the tenant(s). It's something that hasn't been done before which makes it especially intriguing.

Of course, any time a conversation of the NFL and Los Angeles begins, the Rams come up. But it's hard to imagine a scenario where Rams owner Stan Kroenke would want to move into a stadium in which he wouldn't necessarily reap the benefits. It also stands to reason that the NFL could go in any number of other different directions if it built the stadium, up to and including potential expansion franchises.

It's obviously early in the game but certainly an intriguing prospect to discuss.


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