Rams mailbag: O-line needs, safety thoughts and more

EARTH CITY, Mo. -- The Super Bowl and the 2014 NFL season have come to a close which means it's time to transition to the silly season. Lots of rumors and speculation will fill the coming months and there are plenty of questions to get to.

As always, you can shoot me questions any time using hashtag #RamsMail to my Twitter handle @nwagoner.

Let's get to it.

@nwagoner: You phrased this question well by asking what the best option is whether than what's a good option. Honestly, the Rams are in a tough spot (like many teams) because there is no obvious solution at quarterback. They're going to keep Sam Bradford, who if healthy is probably a better choice than the others, though that isn't certain given his health and how long it has been since he played. But to add a body from the outside, you're picking from a wholly uninspiring group of free agents and draft prospects. They should and almost certainly will draft a quarterback at some point but barring a trade up, none of the prospects outside the top two really moves the needle much (and many would argue that the top two don't, either). There's not a free-agent type that does much for you. I suppose a trade could offer some intriguing options, but teams are so quarterback-starved that if they're willing to trade one you have to wonder how good he could be.

@nwagoner: Keeping in mind that the free-agent market will look much different on March 10 than it does right now, I tend to lean toward thinking the Rams could find a solid starting center in free agency. Kansas City's Rodney Hudson and Oakland's Stefan Wisniewski are intriguing players who are young enough that Paul Boudreau could get a lot out of them. I don't know if that qualifies as a "big" signing, though I imagine Hudson will be pricey. And we don't know for sure that a center will even be on the wish list for the Rams or that either player will hit the market, but it seems more realistic than, say, guys such as receivers Dez Bryant or Demaryius Thomas ever hitting the open market. And if not a center, maybe a solid young veteran guard could be an option. But don't expect the Rams to throw big money around in free agency.

@nwagoner: Glennon is a name that might be one to keep an eye on. You wouldn't think the price is too high, and he at least has some starting experience. But the question with him is the same as it is with so many of these guys, whether it's Jake Locker or Christian Ponder or whoever: Is he really a clear upgrade over what's already in place? And by upgrade, I don't mean is he a marginally better player. I mean is he good enough that the Rams can be a postseason caliber team with him under center (in addition to everything else already in place).

@nwagoner: The Rams believe that McLeod took a step forward in 2014 and they seem to be believers in his future with the team. I wouldn't expect them to make a move at safety this offseason unless there's an opportunity that arises that's too good to pass up. I think they view McLeod in that center field-type role you're talking about and the amount of times they left him to play single high with McDonald in the box would indicate that. Personally, I think an upgrade there would be enticing, but they have other, more pressing needs that I think they'll look to address first.

@nwagoner: I don't think either is more likely than the other. The Rams have showed willingness to do both in the past, and it's too early to have a read on who they like, don't like and really value in this draft. Jeff Fisher and Les Snead have both intimated that they might be willing to trade up and Fisher went so far as to cite that this year's draft didn't look all that deep as one of the reasons the team traded two picks for safety Mark Barron. I could see them making a move up if the right guy was available in a spot they could get him at a decent price. Otherwise, if it's going to be an offensive lineman and the top one or two are off the board, they might be better off moving down, especially if it's for an interior lineman.

@nwagoner: Do you mean in terms of when it can happen? From all indications, it will be 2016 at the earliest. I'm sure Stan Kroenke wouldn't mind having it happen sooner, but the league has made it clear they don't want to consider such a move in 2015. That's always subject to change at the league's whims, though, and relocation filing deadline is next week. Even if the Rams wanted to move in 2015, I'm not sure they could because I don't think they'd have a place to set up their business and practice, etc. So, I don't think we'll know anything for absolute certain until next year at around this time. But clearly, the writing is on the wall in terms of what Kroenke wants. St. Louis is doing what it can and might be able to make something work with its stadium project but I still have a hard time seeing the NFL passing on what Kroenke is offering in Los Angeles. Especially if he can provide a solution for one of the other California teams in need of a stadium as well. It's a sensible compromise for the two sides. There's still a lot that has to play out here.