Heisman ballot: Week 7

Alabama running back Trent Richardson made a big splash this week on the field and in the polls, but it's still a quarterback heavy field. Here's the results of the ESPN.com poll and how I voted.

  1. Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford: For the first time this season, I saw Andrew Luck throw a bad ball. I guess he's allowed one every once in a while. But one bad pass is no reason to dock him. And his performance -- specifically in the second half against Washington State, was sensational. Despite having his least polished performance of the season, he still ended up 23-of-26 for 336 yards and four touchdowns. Even when he's off, he's on.

  2. Kellen Moore, quarterback, Boise State: He completed 86.7 percent of his passes against Colorado State, finishing 26-of-30 with four touchdowns. It was his highest-rated game of the season. Say what you want about him being a system quarterback. He runs the Boise system to near perfection almost every week. That kind of accuracy is remarkable, regardless of the competition.

  3. Trent Richardson, running back, Alabama: We've been waiting all season (at least I have) to see if there was a non-quarterback that could make a legitimate run at the Heisman. Richardson appears to be that threat. He's rushed for more than 100 yards in six straight games, and this last one against Ole Miss was a beauty, 10.8 yards per carry, 183 yards and four touchdowns. Look out QBs, someone is trending up.

  4. Russell Wilson, quarterback, Wisconsin: Luck had his reception. Wilson one-upped him with a touchdown reception (though Luck's one-handed haul was pretty spectacular, even if it only went for 13 yards). It was an efficient performance on 12-of-17 passing for one touchdown. He also showed some athleticism on two carries for 42 yards.

  5. Robert Griffin III, quarterback, Baylor: This guy is doing everything in his power to help his team hang on. But unfortunately, he can't play defense. It was a season high in pass attempts (40) and yards (430) against Texas A&M with three touchdowns and an interception, but it still wasn't enough to help his team in a 55-28 loss.


  • Denard Robinson, quarterback, Michigan: It's almost impossible to recover from a 9-of-24 performance and only 42 rushing yards -- especially with someone like who Robinson relies on the run when his passing game isn't working. It was a heck of a run, but on my ballot, I can't justify keeping him in the top 5.