Pac-12 trophy unveiled

STANFORD, Calif. – The Stanford Cardinal and Oregon Ducks are about to kick off, and now we know what they are playing for -- at least the physical incarnation.

The Pac-12 unveiled its championship trophy this afternoon about an hour before kickoff.

The stainless steel trophy begins with a 12-sided base to represent the 12 teams and then splits into an arched v-shape with a football in the middle.

Created by UCLA alumnus Archie Held, the trophy goes to the winner of the conference’s championship game between the winner of the north and south divisions. With a win, Stanford can clinch the Pac-12 North and a berth in the title game.

“It’s the jubilation of scoring a touchdown, the hands in the air, the arched back, the excitement and joy of winning,” Held said of his design. “I like to take complex ideas and emotions and whittle them down to their simplest form. With those images in mind I created the design.”