Maisel: At Stanford, a symbol of real change

STANFORD, Calif. -- It is a fact, pure and simple, that Stanford University is the only FBS school that employs African-Americans as the athletic director, head football coach and head men's basketball coach.

A fact, yes. But is it news?

To a younger generation, it is a dog whistle heard only by those old enough to remember lily-white football teams in the '60s and token black assistant coaches in the '70s. "Who cares?" the younger generation says.

To those who hear the dog whistle, African-Americans in Stanford's three most visible athletic jobs is a milestone.

Stanford hired Johnny Dawkins as men's basketball coach in 2008, promoted David Shaw to run the football team in 2011 and hired Bernard Muir as athletic director a year ago next week.

A year has passed, and almost no one has mentioned it. Maybe college athletics, barely 40 years after the last major FBS team integrated, has gone post-racial.

"I think it is a story that it's not a big story," Shaw said. "That's a great story!"

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