Heisman ballot, Week 3

As expected, there was movement this week -- lots of it -- and my Top 5 looks significantly different than it looked after keeping it the same for the first two weeks. There are a couple of new names on the list, so naturally, a couple fell out. Here's how the poll turned out this week and here's my Top 5.

  1. Kellen Moore, quarterback, Boise State: Absolutely on fire. He threw for 455 yards and five touchdowns against a team that almost knocked off Ohio State in Columbus. And he did it on the road. Boise has won 40 games under his watch and his deep ball to Tyler Shoemaker displayed what kind of arm strength he has. Might have been the best game of his career.

  2. Andrew Luck, quarterback, Stanford: The numbers don't show it -- 325 yards passing, two touchdowns -- but Luck will be the first to say (and he was, in fact) that he didn't have a great game against Arizona. He threw a few very bad balls and made some bad decisions that almost led to red zone interceptions. That said, he played a much better second half than he did in the first.

  3. Marcus Lattimore, running back, South Carolina: How do you go from not being in the Top 5 to No. 3? Rush for 246 yards and three touchdowns against tough Navy team. That's how. Eat up 6.6 yards per carry, that's how. Take the ball in the fourth quarter and run out the clock for your team. That's how. Lattimore did all of the above and is now the national leader in rushing. His best performance of the season has propelled him right into the conversation.

  4. Ronnie Hillman, running back, San Diego State: I said last week he'll need to rush for 175 plus to get people to notice him. Hope they are watching now. He carried 32 times for 191 yards and four touchdowns against Washington State, snapping SDSU's 19-game losing streak to Pac-12 teams. He averaged 6 yards per carry and had a long of 59. He's 37 yards behind Lattimore for the national lead (with 10 less carries). Put your non-AQ bias aside and realize this guy is something special. Spotlight will be on him this week at Michigan against former coach Brady Hoke.

  5. Robert Griffin III, quarterback, Baylor: I wanted to wait a week before jumping on the RG3 bandwagon. Hope there's still room. He's the total package and 20-of-22 passing (even though it was a shortened game) is nothing short of spectacular. Three touchdowns and 265 yards passing (oh yeah, and 78 yards rushing) in three quarters of ball is awfully impressive.


  • Landry Jones, quarterback, Oklahoma: In the Game of Heismans, you're either moving forward or you're moving back. Kudos to Oklahoma for getting a big road win. But this is an individual award, not a team one. And two interceptions to one passing touchdown will drop you from the Top 5.

  • Denard Robinson, quarterback, Michigan: As a passer, he's behind Moore, Luck, Griffin and Jones. As a runner, he's behind Lattimore and Hillman. In total offense, he's still behind Griffin. His greatest strength -- and weakness -- is that he can't be clearly defined.