What we learned: Week 13

Stanford rolled up more than 600 yards of offense in winning the Big Game 63-13 Saturday. Here are some things we learned:

Don't assume anything: About an hour before Stanford-Cal kicked off, a representative from the Alamo Bowl passed out informational fliers in the press box touting San Antonio's 300 days of sunshine a year and other niceties. No other bowls were represented at the Big Game, at least not officially, because it was a foregone conclusion that Stanford would be headed to the Alamo. The Cardinal still could land there, but thanks to Oregon's improbable loss to Arizona, Stanford is only a second win this year over Arizona State from heading to the Rose Bowl instead.

Hogan can sling it: Given time and open receivers, Stanford quarterback Kevin Hogan can make big-time throws. Cal's defense had a way of bringing out the best in opposing quarterbacks this year, and Hogan was no exception. His accuracy on the deep and intermediate throws was as impressive as it has been since he became Stanford's starter.

Big Game shows Big Gap: It's not so much new information as further cementing what already was assumed, but the separation between Cal and Stanford has never been this wide. Stanford is in position to qualify for its fourth straight BCS bowl, which -- barring an Oregon at-large berth -- would give the Cardinal the nation's longest active BCS streak. On the other hand, Cal finished off what was arguably its worst season ever. Saturday's 50-point margin was the largest in the Big Game's 116-game history, and Stanford's 63 points was the most ever scored.