Month in review: June home runs


Each month, ESPN Stats & Information's Home Run Tracker team takes a look at the most notable long-ball accomplishments in the major leagues.

Here's our take on the best of June.

Hitter of the month: Joc Pederson

Joc Pederson’s 461-foot home run June 29 was his fourth home run of at least 450 feet in June. Since the start of the 2009 season, no player had hit four such home runs in a month until Giancarlo Stanton did so in May of this season. Pederson and Stanton are the only players to have more than two 450-foot home runs this season.

Pederson’s four 450-foot home runs in June were more than any MLB team's total. The Dodgers hit three 450-foot home runs in all of 2014, one fewer than Pederson had in June.

All of Pederson’s seven home runs in June traveled at least 425 feet, the most in the majors.

Pederson leads baseball with an average home run distance of 431 feet this season (minimum 10 home runs). In June, Pederson averaged 450 feet per home run, which led all hitters in the month and exceeded the major league average by 52 feet.

Longest home run of the month: Giancarlo Stanton

Stanton hit a 484-foot home run on June 5, the longest home run in the major leagues this season. Stanton tied himself with a 484-foot home run on June 23. Stanton has four of the six longest home runs this season.

With his two 484-foot home runs in June, Stanton has 19 home runs of at least 460 feet since he came into the major leagues in 2010. The major league team with the most such home runs during this time other than the Marlins is the Texas Rangers with nine.

Shortest home run of the month: Mark Teixeira

Mark Teixeira’s 334-foot home run June 5 was the shortest of the month that was hit over a fence. (Dee Gordon had an inside-the-park home run June 30.) It was also the shortest home run at Yankee Stadium since Brett Gardner’s 331-foot home run in June 2014.

Teixeira has hit eight home runs shorter than 350 feet since the start of the 2009 season, six of them at Yankee Stadium.

Other notable figures from June

Most home runs in June: Albert Pujols hit 13 home runs in June, his most home runs in a month since June 2009 (when he hit 14) and the most in baseball in June.

Something in the air: There were 55 home runs hit at Coors Field in June, with 27 traveling at least 425 feet, 17 more than the stadium with the next most (Angel Stadium).

Fastest speed off bat: Stanton’s 484-foot home run June 23 against the Cardinals had a speed off the bat of 117.3 mph. It was the fastest speed off the bat for Stanton since May 2014.

Highest apex: Hanley Ramirez’s 414-foot home run June 21 against the Kansas City Royals had an apex of 180 feet, the highest for any home run since the start of the 2009 season.

Ramirez’s home run spent 7.3 seconds in the air, the longest time for any home run hit since the start of the 2009 season.

Most impact from wind: David Ortiz’s 456-foot home run June 21 in Kansas City was aided 53 feet by the wind. Three home runs have been aided by at least 50 feet from the wind this season -- two at Kauffman Stadium, including a home run hit by Tyler Flowers that was aided by 88 feet in April.

Home runs at Kauffman Stadium this season have been aided by an average of 6.8 feet by the wind, five feet farther than the major league average (1.3 feet).