Conference Power Rankings: Week 9

There are no changes in the college football conference rankings this week.

None of the SEC’s top 25 schools lost last week, which this time of year means all of them increased their AP point total. The SEC now has six schools inside the top 21 of the AP poll. No other conference has more than four schools in that group.

Week 9 ESPN Stats & Info Conference Power Rankings

The Big Ten has seen its rating slide in recent weeks due to its faltering computer ratings. Some of the out-of-conference scheduling from the bottom of the Big Ten is coming back to bite them late in the season. Three of the Big Ten’s 11 members (27.3%) have average computer rankings below 69. Compare that to the SEC (16.7%), Pac-10 (10.0%), and Big 12 (8.3%) and you can see why the Big Ten is close to becoming number four among the big four conferences. Minnesota has the worst average computer ranking of any school in one of the six automatic qualifying conferences at 105.5.

The Big 12 is being hurt by not having one elite school this season. The Big 12 has five schools in the AP top 25 (second most behind the SEC), but it has no schools inside the top eight.

The ACC lost all of the momentum that it gained last week thanks to losses by FSU and Miami against previously unranked opponents. The highest ranked ACC school in the AP poll is Virginia Tech at 20. Its highest ranked team in computer average is FSU at 24.7.

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