No shot is a long shot for Stephen Curry these days

Curry nails shot beyond half court at buzzer... again (0:14)

Steph Curry hits a shot beyond the half-court line before the second-quarter buzzer sounds, after hitting a shot from even farther away at the first-quarter buzzer that didn't count. (0:14)

Of course it went in.

Stephen Curry's 49-foot prayer (which you can see in the video above) was the longest shot in his regular-season career. Prior to that make, Curry was 0-of-34 on shots from 45 feet or longer (he did make one in the playoffs). He made one earlier in the game, too, but it didn't count since it was just after the first-quarter buzzer.

Curry now has six makes of 30 feet or longer this season. No one else in the league has more than two. The only player with more than six such makes in a season, in the past 20 seasons, is Gilbert Arenas, with eight in 2006-07.

Curry also became the first player in NBA history to make at least 200 3-pointers in four straight seasons. The only player with more total seasons of 200 3-pointers is Ray Allen with five.