Boise State trims deficit, still has climb left

This week used to mark a pivot point when it came to the BCS Standings, but that hasn't been the case the last two seasons.

This is the 13th season of the BCS. Teams ranked No. 1 at this point in the season have reached the BCS Championship Game in 10 of the previous 12 years. However, in the last two seasons, the No. 1 team at this point of the season did not play in the title game (’08 Alabama, ’09 Florida). Oregon, ranked No. 1 for the fourth straight week, is hoping that the old version of that precedent holds up. Boise State and TCU are among those hoping it does not.

BCS Avg For Top 7 in BCS

Last 2 Weeks

It wasn't a major week for the standings in terms of changes. In fact, this marks the first time in BCS history that the top seven remained unchanged for three straight weeks. The most notable thing to happen was that No. 4 Boise State cut the deficit it needs to overcome to pass TCU for the No. 3 position.

The gap still looms large, relatively speaking, for both those schools with regard to with No. 2 Auburn. Likewise, Stanford and Wisconsin were able to trim LSU's cushion in the No. 5 spot.

Also of note is that the Big Ten put three teams in the Top 10. Michigan State re-entered in the No. 10 slot after being out of the top 10 in the previous three weeks.