SEC enjoying rare league dominance

With Auburn’s victory last night, the SEC has won five straight BCS Championships, by four different teams.

There has never been a stretch of five straight AP or BCS national championships won by the same conference before in college football. How does this compare across all sports? The most comparable sport we can use, obviously, is college basketball. Consider this: what the SEC has done over the last five years -- in terms of different teams from the same league winning five or more straight titles -- has NEVER been done before in college basketball.

The only instance where a single conference in college basketball accounted for five or more straight national titles was the Pac-8 during UCLA’s run of seven straight championships from 1967-1973. But obviously, no OTHER team besides UCLA won during that span. The SEC has won five straight, but FOUR different teams have won titles.

In pro sports, the dichotomy is obviously different. The NFL saw the NFC win 13 straight Super Bowls (by six different franchises) from 1984 to 1996. The Spurs and Lakers won five straight titles for the NBA’s Western Conference from 1999 to 2003.

In baseball, it’s been a little while longer. The last time a league won five or more World Series titles consecutively was from 1947 to 1953, when the American League won seven straight.

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