The Closer: TGIF version

It's Friday and we're in love with baseball. Here are some of the best notes from ESPN Stats & Info as we head towards the weekend.

Hitters of the Night:

Edgar Renteria went 3-5 on Friday against the Braves and tied the game with a 2-run HR in the 9th inning off of Billy Wagner. The Giants won in the 13th inning to remain the only unbeaten team in the big leagues at 4-0. Renteria is 11-for-16 so far this season and is being more selective at the plate, especially as pitchers throw him less strikes. Renteria is chasing only 11.9 percent of pitches outside of the zone this season after chasing 19.3 percent last season. The result? Renteria has put the ball in play 57.7 percent of the time he has swung as opposed to just 46.3 percent in 2009.

Placido Polanco joins Renteria atop the league leaderboard with 11 hits this season, and is pacing a Phillies team that has scored 32 runs already. He's driven in a quarter of those runs himself, and is hitting .579 in the early going. Polanco has also been more selective, and the notorious contact hitter is missing even less this year -- he hasn't struck out yet in 21 PA. And he's jumping all over the few fastballs he sees, swinging at 56.5 percent of heaters. Polanco has seen 46 fastballs this season, swung at 26 of them, and missed ZERO.

Why Rockies Starter Jorge de la Rosa Won:
- Threw first-pitch strikes to 75 pct of hitters (56 pct in ’09).
- Allowed 27 pct of swings to be hit in play (38 pct in ’09).
- Of 9 swings against his slider, 0 were put in play.
- Retired the leadoff hitter in each of his 7 innings.