The Closer: a good day for starters

All 11 games played Thursday were won by starting pitchers. The last time that happened on a day with at least 11 games was July 20, 2007 which had 15 games. One of those starters to win was Ubaldo Jimenez, making his first appearance since throwing a no-hitter.

Why Rockies starter Ubaldo Jimenez won:

- Continued dominance against left-handed batters:

a) LHB were 2-13 (.154) against the right-handed Jimenez, 0-8 on off speed pitches.

b) LHB whiffed on 31 percent of their swings. RHB had zero swing and misses.

c) All 5 strikeouts were against LHB.

Why Mets starter Johan Santana won:

- Great offspeed stuff (threw 71 percent for strikes; hitters went 1-14, 4 K and chased 39 percent out of the strike zone).

- Stayed ahead in the count: Threw 70 percent first-pitch strikes (MLB avg: 58) and went to three 2-0 counts and two 3-ball counts against 27 hitters.

- Improved efficiency: 21 of 27 hitters (78 percent) saw four pitches or fewer (MLB avg: 65).

Why Phillies starter Jamie Moyer won:

- Hitters were 2-13 against his fastball after going 12-32 (.375) in his first two starts.

- Threw first pitch strikes to 20 of 26 hitters (77 percent; MLB avg: 58).

- Finished off 11 of 13 hitters to reach two strikes.

Rays stay hot on cold road trip

Tampa Bay finished 9-1 on their current road trip to Baltimore, Boston, and Chicago. That marks the best road trip in franchise history, surpassing the 8-1 start that they posted in June 2004 while visiting San Diego, Arizona, and Toronto. The average gametime temperature of the 10 games was 49.3 degrees.