Hurricanes NFL TD streak in jeopardy

Thanks to touchdowns from New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham and Chicago Bears multi-threat Devin Hester last Sunday, the streak of players from the University of Miami scoring a touchdown in the NFL extended to 149 consecutive weeks.

U. of Miami Offensive Players
In NFL Week 11 Schedule

The last time a week went by in the NFL without a Hurricane scoring a touchdown was Week 14 of the 2002 season, according to the Elias Sports Bureau. That’s right – it’s been nearly nine years since it happened, when the weekend of December 8-9, 2002 passed without a touchdown.

As impressive as that streak is, Week 11 of 2011 could be the week it falls. While a defensive player could always get in on the mix, the key offensive players with a shot in Week 11 are either on bye weeks or injured, as noted in the list on the right.

Should a Hurricanes football alum not score this weekend, the new streakholder could be Pittsburgh, which has had a player score a touchdown in each of the last 12 NFL weeks, thanks largely to Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy (who has already had a bye week this season).

Next after the Panthers are the University of Tennessee and the University of Minnesota, at five weeks each.

The Hurricanes chances did get a boost when San Francisco 49ers running back Frank Gore said that he would play this weekend. Denver Broncos running back Willis McGahee had the first shot at extending the streak, but did not score on Thursday.

Hank Gargiulo also contributed research for this post