Newest BCS standings are unprecedented

After a weekend that altered the college football world, the latest BCS standings make it clear which conference currently reigns supreme.

The top three teams in the BCS standings are all in the SEC West–- LSU, Alabama, and Arkansas.

This is the first time in the history of the BCS that the top three spots are occupied by three teams from the same conference.

In fact only one other conference has ever even had three of the top five teams in the BCS standings: the Big 12 in 2001, 2007, and 2008

This came after Oklahoma State, Oregon, and Oklahoma all lost this weekend. It marked just the second time in the history of the BCS standings (which date back to the 1998 season), that three of the top 5 teams in the BCS all lost on the same weekend.

The only other occurrence came back in 2001, as noted in the chart on the right. That was the first Saturday following the initial release of the BCS standings that season.

Three BCS Top 5 Teams Losing
On Same Weekend

There are no Big East teams in the BCS Standings for the second straight week. This also happened last season for the Big East when it went five straight weeks without a BCS-ranked team.

Only one other conference, the Pac-12 (formerly the Pac-10), has had as many weeks without a ranked team. It hasn’t happened for them since 1999.

LSU is No. 1 in BCS for the sixth straight week, the longest such streak in school history

LSU and Alabama are currently on track for a rematch in the BCS National Championship Game. Since 1998 when the BCS first started there has not been a regular season rematch played out in the National Championship Game.

Arkansas reached its highest position in the BCS Standings. It is the seventh straight BCS standings where it has been been in the top 10, also the longest streak in school history.

At the back end of the standings, Notre Dame is 22nd, marking the first time since 2006 that the Fighting Irish are in the BCS Standings.