While we waited for A-Rod's milestone HR…

Alex Rodriguez hit his 599th home run on July 22. He hit No. 600 Wednesday against the Toronto Blue Jays after a span of 46 at-bats and 51 plate appearances. That is the longest drought between number 599 and 600 in MLB history. The previous longest drought was 21 at-bats by Willie Mays. Here are some home run facts from that time period.


Between Alex Rodriguez's 599th and 600th career HR

During the drought, Rodriguez saw 209 pitches. Meanwhile, 322 home runs were hit by 187 different players. The Yankees hit 17 home runs as a team, led by Mark Teixeira and Nick Swisher who hit five longballs each.

Maybe Alex Rodriguez was stuck on 599 for so long because he wanted the situation to be exactly right... as in exactly like it was when he hit home run number 500. Both happened on August 4th at home. Both were in the 1st inning of games in which Phil Hughes was starting.