A look at Chipper's career

The Braves announced that Chipper Jones tore his anterior cruciate ligament Tuesday night and will need surgery, ending his 2010 season.

Will it also end his career? The 38-year-old third baseman had mentioned retirement earlier this season.

Let's take a look at some things Chipper:

Among active players, Jones ranks 9th in hits (2,490), 7th in runs (1,505), 6th in home runs (436), 6th in extra-base hits (966) and 7th in OBP (.405, minimum 3,000 plate appearances).

With this being Bobby Cox's last season, it looks as if Tuesday was the last game for the Chipper-Cox combo. The Elias Sports Bureau tells us that the player/manager duo has logged 2,261 games together, the second-most of any such tandem in MLB history. Only Honus Wagner under Fred Clarke for Louisville (1897-1899) and Pittsburgh (1900-1915) had more.


Chipper Jones ranks in the top 30 all-time with a .941 OPS, matching that of the legendary Willie Mays.

A team of nine players with career numbers of Chipper Jones would win nearly 72 percent of the time, by way of Bill James Offensive Winning Percentage metric. By comparison, a team comprised of nine Alex Rodriguez's would win 70 percent of the time.