Top stats to know: MLB replay

AP Photo/Rick Scuteri

A.J. Pollock was called safe on this play at the plate, despite replays showing he was out. The Giants were out of challenges.Major League Baseball expanded its replay system for this season, and it has already had a big impact on games.

One of the more memorable ones so far took place in Arizona. The San Francisco Giants and Arizona Diamondbacks were tied in the fourth inning when Arizona scored on a passed ball. Replays showed the runner was clearly out.

However, the Giants lost a previous challenge and as a result were unable to ask for another review. Umpires could not initiate the review, as that is not permitted until the seventh inning.

The Giants went on to lose 5-4.

More than a week into the debut of MLB’s new replay system, there have been challenges, replays and calls upheld or overturned. Here is where things stand according to Stats and Information’s numbers:

Where things stand

Through Tuesday, there have been 52 total replays and 20 calls have been overturned.

There have been 41 manager challenges, of which 19 have been won.


The Tampa Bay Rays and Detroit Tigers have challenged the most. Each team has challenged four times, including one each on Tuesday.

No other team has used more than two. Seven teams have not used any challenges so far.

The umps

Bob Davidson and Dana DeMuth have been reviewed the most (three each).

Umpire Chris Conroy has had a rough first week – he is the only umpire to have two calls overturned. Both of those occurred in the same game.

Types of plays

Of the 52 total replays, half have taken place on force plays, 19 of which were at first base.

Eight of those 19 have been overturned. Twelve have been tag plays, and half of those on a steal attempt at second.

The rates

Through Tuesday there were 115 MLB games played so far this season, resulting in just shy of half a review per game.

Last season umpires could only review homers and that occurred 97 times. Under those rules, there would have only been four replays by now – three would have been upheld and the other would’ve been changed from a catch to a single.