Stats & Info: Nevada Wolf Pack

CFB fans asked, we answered

September, 21, 2012
Each week, ESPN Stats & Information will answer statistical-related college football questions posed via Twitter (use the hashtag #AskESPNStats). Feel free to send your questions along.

When has there been a college football team with the kind of stats and domination as the past 4 years of Alabama football? – asked by @MLWadester

Alabama has reached No. 1 in the AP poll in each of the last five seasons. Over the last 50 years, only one other team has done that: Miami in 1986-92.

Since the beginning of the BCS which school has spent the most time in the top 5? – asked by @garrick_rowan

It’s Oklahoma, and it’s not even close. Since the beginning of the BCS in 1998, Oklahoma has been ranked in the top five in 111 editions of the AP Poll. Next closest are USC and Florida, both with 86 instances, followed by Texas with 82. Interestingly enough, none of those teams are in this week’s AP top five even though they have a combined 10-1 record (Oklahoma 2-0, USC 2-1, Florida 3-0, Texas 3-0). Oklahoma is just on the outside at No. 6.

Who are the top 10 teams in terms of number of wins in the last 5 years? – asked by @akoehls

Here are the top 10 since 2007: Boise State (62), TCU (57), LSU (56), Oregon (56), Virginia Tech (55), Oklahoma (55), Florida (53), Alabama (53), USC (52), Utah (52).

Has Georgia Tech been the best big play offense in the country over the past four years? – asked by @rcbGT

Depends how you define big play offense, but we’ll do it a couple different ways here using the last four years as a time frame. In that span, Georgia Tech leads the country with the most plays of at least 50 yards. The Yellow Jackets have 46 such plays. Houston is next with 40. Most 50-yard plays that also ended in a TD? Georgia Tech still leads but by a slim margin. The Yellow Jackets have 28, Nevada and Baylor each have 27. If we reduce it to the most plays of at least 30 yards, Houston takes the lead. The Cougars have 134 while Georgia Tech has 127.

Has any college football team won at least 100 games in back to back decades? – asked by @Gentronamous

It has happened, but it’s important to remember that teams play many more games today than in decades past. Recently, Florida won 100 games from 2000-09 after compiling 102 wins from 1990-99. Nebraska also did it in the 80s and 90s.

Nevada staying close to Boise will be a win

November, 23, 2010
When Boise State takes the field on Friday at Nevada, they'll do so having not trailed in more than 36 straight quarters of game action.

The fourth quarter of the Broncos' season opener against Virginia Tech was the last time that Boise was behind on the scoreboard -- at the 1:10 mark, Boise State trailed 30-26. At the 1:09 mark, Austin Pettis went into the end zone for a 32-30 lead. The Broncos tacked on the extra point and haven't faced a deficit since.

That's 541 straight minutes without trailing. If you had enough Boise football in that time, you could watch the entire Godfather trilogy instead -- all three movies have a total 537 minute combined running time.

The next-longest active streak without trailing belongs to BYU. The Cougars have gone four straight games (240 minutes) since losing to TCU on Oct. 16.

If Nevada takes a lead on Boise State this Friday, they could stun the Broncos by putting them in an unfamiliar position. In fact if Nevada can score first, it'll be the first time Boise State wasn't the first-scoring team all year.

In all but two of Boise State's games, they've had at least a two-touchdown lead before their opponent even tallied a point. And in more than half the games, the game was already at least a 37-point contest before the opponent's goose egg came off the board (if it did at all).