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There may have been as many big injuries on Monday night as there were in the rest of the Week 7 contests. Without further ado, we take a look at some of the bumps, bruises and breaks that will be impacting fantasy owners in Week 8.

Brian Westbrook
Geoff Burke/US PresswireOnce again, Brian Westbrook is a question mark for a game, except this time it's for a concussion.
Brian Westbrook, RB, Philadelphia Eagles: It wasn't his ankle and it wasn't his knee. Actually, it was far scarier. Westbrook took a London Fletcher knee to the head Monday night and lay motionless on the field for a few moments. Eventually he was able to walk off the field, which led everyone to breathe a sigh of relief, including his brother Byron, a player for the Washington Redskins, who was standing close by while the medical staff tended to Brian. The early word on Brian Westbrook, according to the Philadelphia Daily News, is that he could very well miss Week 8. Although there is no official status listing for the team, fantasy owners should prepare for LeSean McCoy to start.

DeSean Jackson, WR, Philadelphia Eagles: Jackson suffered a foot injury in the first half of Monday night's game and underwent X-rays at halftime. The good news is that Jackson was obviously cleared to play in the second half and did return, although he was limited. It remains to be seen whether the injury will limit him in practice this week. Coach Andy Reid indicated after the game that Jackson suffered a foot sprain. Keep an eye on Jackson's status, but for now the early news is good.

Andre Johnson, WR, Houston Texans: Johnson suffered a lung contusion, according to coach Gary Kubiak, who referred to Johnson's status as day-to-day. It's no secret that Johnson is a tough player who does everything he can to stay on the field. On Sunday, he remained in the game after taking a knee to the back that made it difficult for him to catch his breath, according to the Houston Chronicle. In fact, it wasn't until Johnson was spitting up blood when it became obvious there was something more serious going on. The medical staff removed him ... but still had to hide his helmet to keep him from trying to get back on the playing field. Now Johnson will be forced to rest to allow the lung to heal itself. Kubiak has said that Johnson does not need to practice this week in order to play Sunday. He does, however, need to be fully healed so as not to risk more serious injury. There will no doubt be ongoing tests throughout the week, including blood tests to ensure that Johnson is not continuing to bleed internally. Stay tuned for late-week updates. This may come down to the wire.

Reggie Wayne, WR, Indianapolis Colts: Wayne injured his groin last week and the question, naturally, is how severe is the strain and will Wayne be able to play Sunday? At this point it's unclear how serious the injury is, and the Colts are calling Wayne day-to-day. According to the Indianapolis Star, the team plans to see how Wayne responds to treatment this week and will gauge his status accordingly. Muscle strains are always tricky when trying to predict how long the healing time will be, and by now everyone knows the risks of trying to return too soon. With Anthony Gonzalez just (maybe) returning to practice this week, the Colts' receiving corps could be featuring more of Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie.

Bernard Berrian, WR, Minnesota Vikings: Berrian has struggled to be a significant member of the receiving corps for the Vikings this season. Early in the season he was dealing with a hamstring strain, which prevented him from practicing and developing a rapport with new quarterback Brett Favre. Just when it appeared that Berrian was regaining his speed, he suffered another hamstring strain, this time to his opposite (left) leg. With Sidney Rice seemingly the favorite target for Favre, this has to be a disappointment for fantasy owners. Berrian says that he expects to play this week, but fantasy owners may want to go ahead and plan for a replacement anyway.

Chris Cooley, TE, Washington Redskins: Cooley suffered a break in his ankle Monday night, which may well signal the end of his season. Coach Jim Zorn indicated that the fracture is on the inner side of the tibia (the large shinbone whose endpoint forms the inside of the ankle joint). Although Zorn would only say that Cooley would be out for a while, the Washington Post's Jason Reid reports that a source indicated Cooley's season is done. Meanwhile, ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that Cooley will undergo surgery later this week. With that fracture and surgery, followed by a period of immobilization for healing and rehab to regain range of motion and strength of the ankle, the timeframe for recovery is lengthier than the season allows. Time for fantasy owners to start searching the wires.

Other quick hits:

• Indianapolis Colts running back Donald Brown suffered what the team is calling a painful shoulder contusion. His status for Sunday could be in jeopardy.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Trent Edwards has already been ruled out for Week 8 as he continues to recover from his concussion. It's not clear that his job is secure even when he does recover well enough to return, so fantasy owners should move to clear him from their bench.

New York Giants tight end Kevin Boss says he has soreness in his neck and shoulder but maintains that he did not suffer a concussion following a big hit on Sunday. According to the New York Times, Boss said that "anytime you get hit that hard, definitely the lights turn off for a second ... but I came to pretty quick." Interesting. His remarks make his injury sound suspiciously concussion-like. The good news? His ankle (which caused him to miss a week earlier in the season) is fine.

New York Jets running back Leon Washington has been placed on injured reserve after undergoing surgery to repair his compound leg fracture (Washington fractured both lower leg bones -- the tibia and fibula -- and compound means the bone pierced the skin). This is a tough injury with a lengthy rehab to follow. According to the Newark Star-Ledger, the Jets are encouraged that Washington is in good spirits post-surgery and they hope to have him back for mini-camps.

See you at the injury chats (Tuesday 11 a.m.-noon, Friday 11 a.m.-noon and Sunday pregame 10-10:30 a.m.) and we'll have the latest injury updates affecting Week 5 in the Saturday morning blog!

Gore to play, but how much?

December, 27, 2008
If you're still in the hunt, there's no doubt that this is THE week for you. Make or break. Do or die. Sink or swim. Fortunately for those of you still playing, most NFL teams have more at stake than the Indianapolis Colts, so at least some starters are worth starting. But not everyone will see a full four quarters of action. Teams are still exercising caution when it comes to injured players, and so should you. Here's how things are shaping up for the week to end all fantasy weeks, Week 17.

Marion Barber, RB, Cowboys: If Barber is one of your fantasy players, you know the drill by now. Yes, this is a must-win game for the Cowboys. But no, Barber did not do anything exceptional in practice this week to give any more confidence that he is approaching full strength. Barber was still a limited participant throughout the week and is listed as questionable. The Dallas Morning News reports that Barber actually split some reps with Tashard Choice when practicing with the first team. This is a sign of progress. Don't let that fool you, though. Coach Wade Phillips has been hinting throughout the week that Barber is clearly not at full speed and has been wondering aloud whether resting him earlier would have had him healthier sooner. The effect of Barber's still-ailing foot is undeniable; he simply has not been able to push off and cut in his normal fashion. He will be a game-time decision again this week, and will likely be in uniform, just as he has been the past couple of weeks. Choice, however, will continue to carry the bulk of the running game, whereas Barber, if he plays, likely will provide only a limited contribution.

Brandon Jacobs, RB, Giants: Sure, coach Tom Coughlin wants his starters to stay in the rhythm of the game. He certainly does not favor rhythm over long-term availability, though, and in the interest of ensuring that Jacobs does not take a step backward with his knee, he will protect him. Jacobs is listed as questionable, but he did not participate in Friday's practice and looks as if he will see extremely limited time, if any, on Sunday. Derrick Ward will probably see the majority of the action in the run game for the Giants this weekend.

Kevin Boss, TE, Giants: Boss has shaped up to be a decent fantasy tight end option, but don't count on him this week. He is nursing not one but two injuries -- an ankle sprain and a concussion -- and he is listed as doubtful after missing practice all week. Expect the Giants to allow him to sit this one out, as you should on your fantasy team.

Frank Gore, RB, 49ers: Gore has missed the past two weeks of your fantasy playoffs with his sprained ankle. This week he is listed as probable, which, as everyone knows by now, means "virtually certain to play." So you're excited if you're a Gore fantasy owner, right? Well, not so fast. Despite the encouraging status upgrade, Gore has been able to practice only on a limited basis, and according to Matt Maiocco of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Gore's status remains a game-time decision. Maiocco reports that 49ers coach Mike Singletary says he does not want Gore to play if he is not fully healthy, because he does not want Gore to risk reinjury. In fact, Singletary suggests that the fact Gore is near the 1,000-yard mark for the season will not be a factor. Singletary has already proved himself to be a great motivator, and while I do believe he doesn't want a gimpy Gore on the field Sunday, he also knows how much playing in this season finale means to Gore. Singletary no doubt wants to see more evidence before Sunday that Gore is ready to be on the field. I think he will see that in the pregame warm-ups, and there are already some encouraging signs. Maiocco reported that Gore looked good (not great) running Friday but was able to do some cuts in practice (cuts are one of the more challenging skills for an unstable ankle). I expect Gore will earn his opportunity to play Sunday, but there has to be some concern about how much playing time he will see. Singletary has set the stage for some time-sharing with DeShaun Foster, and assuming Gore does play, it will probably be a limited role.

Anquan Boldin, WR, Cardinals: For all the positive projections coach Ken Whisenhunt made earlier in the week about Boldin's Week 17 status, the latter part of the week has taken a different turn. Boldin is again listed as questionable with a sore shoulder, and of most concern, has not participated in practice all week. The Arizona Republic reports that Whisenhunt has said he would like Boldin to see some playing time and that he could play despite not practicing. After last week, the Cardinals need to see some positive play out of their starters heading into the playoffs. But they also need their starters to be available when the playoffs begin. The Cardinals have not issued a specific diagnosis related to Boldin's shoulder, but they have to be concerned enough about his health that he is not taking any reps in practice. Risking Boldin does not make a lot of sense, so even if he does suit up (and he is a game-time decision), he will likely be restricted to limited playing time.

Marshawn Lynch, RB, Bills: Lynch is listed as questionable again this week with his sore shoulder and practiced only on a very limited basis. Sure, the Bills are out of playoff contention, but wouldn't it be fun for them to spoil the Patriots' chances? All things considered, it seems as if Lynch, another dreaded game-time decision, will suit up in the team's final effort of the year. Teammate Fred Jackson is likely to get significant opportunities, though, especially after his performance last week. In fact, Jackson may get the heavier workload of the two.

Pierre Thomas, RB, Saints: Thomas has been an amazing find for fantasy owners this year. But the year may end a bit prematurely, as Thomas' status for this week is very much in question. Thomas, officially questionable and a game-time decision, was not able to practice all week. With the Saints out of playoff contention and Thomas nursing two injuries (back and wrist), why would the Saints place at risk the player they may view as their new feature back? According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, the Saints will give Thomas a chance Sunday morning to see whether he is able to go, but at this point, the odds are not in his favor. Expect Deuce McAllister and Mike Bell to get the touches if Thomas is out.

Bernard Berrian, WR, Vikings: Berrian sprained his ankle in last week's contest against the Falcons, and it has limited his practice all week. He is listed as questionable to face the Giants in a game the Vikings need to win. So what should fantasy owners expect? Well, going back to last week, Berrian was able to continue to play despite the injury, which suggests it is not terribly serious. If past performance is any indicator, remember that while Berrian was recovering from a knee sprain earlier this year, he managed to put up some of his best numbers on the year. It is not surprising that the Vikings gave him some rest during the week, and it will not be surprising if he shows up ready to go Sunday.

Derrick Mason, WR, Ravens: Few performances have been gutsier than the ones Mason has put up in recent weeks. Playing with an unstable left shoulder that gets jostled every time he makes contact with another player or hits the ground, Mason has managed to make more big-time one-handed grabs than other big-name receivers with two healthy arms. The Baltimore Sun reported this week that in addition to the instability in the joint itself, Mason has been dealing with intense muscle spasms around the shoulder. This is not an uncommon side effect; the body does anything it can to try to protect an injured joint, usually in the form of muscle spasm or protective guarding. The spasm, or guarding, serves to compensate for the increased laxity or instability of the joint itself by securing the position of the arm. The problem is that not only are spasms painful, but they also don't allow for normal motion, so use of the injured limb (in this case Mason's arm) is awkward and restricted. This problem is not going to resolve itself before the Ravens' season is over. But it does not appear that it will be a problem that keeps Mason off the field, either. Mason, listed as questionable, has indicated that he expects to play against the Jaguars, and based on what he has done so far this season, he seems to be a man of his word. There is another variable to consider, though. If the Patriots lose to Buffalo in their 1 p.m. game, the Ravens, who play at 4:15, will have secured a playoff spot. Although Mason could still suit up for the game, the Ravens might be inclined to limit his playing time in order to protect him from further injury. Just a thought for fantasy owners out there who may want the insurance of a late-game alternative.

OUT: The following players have already been ruled out for Week 17.

Dominic Rhodes, RB, Colts: It's a matter of making sure he's healthy when it counts. This game doesn't count, so he'll watch from the sidelines. Expect Joseph Addai to play, but not for long. Chad Simpson and Najeh Davenport will likely divvy up the remaining running back duties.

Jeremy Shockey, TE, Saints: Yet another ankle problem sidelines Shockey. His season is over, and Billy Miller will see more playing time as a result.

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