Padres hiring new GM?

According to SI.com, Jed Hoyer will about to become the Padres' new general manager:

    Hoyer, 35, most recently served as the Boston Red Sox's senior vice president and assistant general manager. He joined the Red Sox front office at age 28, where he has helped to build Boston's rosters, assisted in contract negotiations and offered sabermetric analysis. He served as Red Sox co-general manager for 44 days in 2005 while Theo Epstein took a hiatus from the team.

And so the revolution continues. Hoyer's not an Ivy Leaguer, but he did pitch (and pitch well) at Wesleyan University. Oh, and he's not afraid of on-base average or Ultimate Zone Rating. On the one hand, it's hard to know exactly what Hoyer brings to the table, given that Paul DePodesta and Sandy Alderson -- who still work for the Padres -- are perfectly well-versed in roster-building, contract negotiations, and sabermetric analysis. On the other hand, perhaps there's something to be said for unity of leadership (assuming of course that other voices are occasionally welcomed into the fray).

Of course there's absolutely no way to know if Hoyer can be an effective general manager until he's actually done it. But if you're a Padres fan, you probably should be happy. Your favorite team is looking forward, which is usually better than the alternative.