Derrick Rose to win NBA MVP ...

Yes, we're tying the imminent announcement that Derrick Rose will win the NBA MVP Award to baseball ... because we can tie anything to baseball. (Just wait for the post when I hypothesize that Thomas Jefferson would have made a great sabermetrician.)

OK, here we go: At 22 years, 191 days, Rose will become the youngest NBA MVP ever, edging out Wes Unseld at 23 years, 9 days. Now, the fact that Wes Unseld once won an MVP Award (as a rookie, no less) is another story. So, who are baseball's youngest MVP winners? Here are those who won at 23 or younger:

Vida Blue, 1971 A's: Turned 22 on July 28.

Johnny Bench, 1970 Reds: Didn't turn 23 until Dec. 7.

Stan Musial, 1943 Cardinals: Didn't turn 23 until Nov. 21.

Cal Ripken, 1983 Orioles: Turned 23 on Aug. 24.

Willie Mays, 1954 Giants: Turned 23 on May 6.

Jeff Burroughs, 1974 Rangers: Turned 23 on March 7.

Fred Lynn, 1975 Red Sox: Turned 23 on Feb. 3.

Several players have won an MVP at 24, including Jose Canseco, Roger Clemens, Don Mattingly, Ryne Sandberg, Denny McLain, Mickey Mantle, Joe DiMaggio, Jimmie Foxx and Lou Gehrig.

Not on the above list: Ty Cobb, because there wasn't an MVP Award for much of his career. He arguably was the AL's best player in 1907, when he was 20 years old.

Dwight Gooden remains the youngest to win a Cy Young Award, just 20 years old when he won in 1985.

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