Podcast: Ernie, Bert and the Cookie Monster

For the first time this baseball season "Baseball Tonight" anchor/Twitter fiend Steve Berthiaume joined us on the Baseball Today podcast, and let's just say this was one memorable show. Among the reasons you need to listen to Ernie (Mark Simon), Bert (Berthiaume) and Cookie Monster (me!) are:

1. We hit on the big news of the day, that the Royals gave up on Kila Ka'aihue … and of course we discuss that intriguing Eric Hosmer fellow!

2. Bert shares amazing tales of his video game research obsession, and if you're anything like me, you want to know where to sign up. Like now.

3. We all had a favorite player growing up, and it turns out Bert's played on the same team with mine. As for Simon's choice, his came a bit later.

4. More on records not likely to broken, and further introspection on how cool triples are.

5. As Willie Mays celebrates his 80th birthday, we say, hey, is he the greatest ballplayer of all time? Our answers might surprise you.

Plus: Excellent emails, our comprehensive weekend preview and of course we had to check in on Bert's preseason pick from the NL Central (hint, it's not going well, but stop reminding him!) ... all this and more in a very interesting Friday episode of Baseball Today! Have a great weekend and don’t forget to follow all of us on Twitter (@SBerthiaumeESPN, @msimonespn and, of course, @karabellespn)!