Podcast: Can't anybody hit anymore?

Top five reasons why Monday's Baseball Today podcast with myself and Keith Law is worth your very valuable time:

1. Another no-hitter? Really? Are we getting to the point there should be a daily no-hitter watch? Tune in to ESPN tonight, because Josh Beckett might be next!

JeterJeter2. Derek Jeter has a monster game Sunday, but then again, he doesn't really need to hit like that to be a valuable player.

3. One of us unveils his Power Rankings ... but the other describes his hatred for them. Regardless, fans of one of the teams with the best record will not be pleased.

4. Why are we sympathetic to one of baseball's worst pitchers? Perhaps it's because he just can't get a break.

5. Strikeouts aren't a bad thing, but as Cliff Lee and Eric O'Flaherty showed on Friday night, not all whiffs are created equal.

Plus: Excellent emails, what Ichiro Suzuki and Pudge Rodriguez have in common, comparing Chase Utley to Kendrys Morales, why Zack Greinke had better pitch well Monday and a whole lot more on Monday's Baseball Today.