Yankees set roster

Joe Girardi still hasn't given us any inkling of who will start Game 4, but at least we've finally got the Yankees' roster.

Off: Francisco Cervelli and Freddy Guzman

On: Eric Hinske and Brian Bruney

Makes sense to me. Especially if LoHud's Sam Borden is right:

    Dropping Cervelli indicates the Yankees may be scrapping the A.J. Burnett/Jose Molina pairing, and sticking with Jorge Posada behind the plate in every game. Adding Hinske makes perfect sense because pinch-hitters will be needed in the NL park when pitchers have to bat.


    With the potential for short-rest starts (and thus, potentially shorter starts) in the World Series, an extra arm in the bullpen is more valuable to the Yankees than a third catcher.

Carrying a third catcher usually is foolish, and the Yankees obviously will need an extra bat (Hinske) when they're playing by National League rules. Guzman was useful almost purely as a pinch-runner, and pinch-runner is the first thing to go when you're making a list of priorities. One does wonder if Girardi really needs a nine-man bullpen -- assuming that three men do all the starting -- but considering those short-rest starts, it probably can't hurt. Unfortunately, having more relievers probably will mean more pitching changes, which will mean -- if the bullpen blows a lead or three -- more indictments of Girardi's "overmanaging." Really, the only way he can win ... is to win. Same as always.