Why the Mets wear black ... and other links

  • It's been a mystery for years now: Why do the New York Mets wear black uniforms and black caps? Paul Lukas, Uni Watch genius, uncovers the story.

  • With the Mets heading to Houston this weekend, Mark Simon looks back at the many odd and weird things that happen to the Mets when they visit Texas.

  • Dueling steroids posts: Joe Posnanski has an entry titled, "Why I Think Steroids Are Out Of Baseball." Joe argues that massive public pressure -- if a player is caught, he's basically disgraced -- has mostly pushed PEDs out of the sport. Buster Olney takes the opposite viewpoint on ESPN Insider, writing that PED suspicion still lingers in the sport. He quotes one GM saying, "When I see an older player have a big jump in performance, I assume it's probably not real." Can I agree with both viewpoints?

  • Another interesting piece on ESPN Insider. Ben Lindbergh points out that with scoring down, teams are turning to stealing more bases to generate offense. But that makes a team's success rate -- in both running and gunning down opposing basestealers -- even more important. He checks out which teams are doing the best and worst at this so far.

  • Another trade tree from The Common Man at The Platoon Advantage: It's a long mystery of how the Indians got Mitch Talbot ... but a mystery without an answer. Maybe you can help out.

  • David Laurila has a Q&A with Felix Hernandez, plus additional thoughts from pitching coach Carl Willis, over at FanGraphs. Felix says, "Yes, I hate the lack of run support. My lineup is terrible. I hope we sign Albert Pujols." OK, he didn't really say that.

  • Bryce Harper is hitting a robust .396/.472/.712 at Class A and Dave Cameron asks: Is the best prospect ever?

  • Finally, Stephanie Liscio at It's Pronounced "Lajaway" remembers Herb Score.