Podcast: Ian O'Connor discusses Jeter

Here are five reasons why you really should be listening to Wednesday's Baseball Today podcast, with myself and Keith Law. And really, why aren't you listening every day? You are? OK, good!

1. ESPNNewYork.com writer and author Ian O'Connor stops by to discuss his timely book "The Captain: The Journey of Derek Jeter." We pepper him with questions and he's got answers.

2. Blame it on the rain! Will this awful weather ever stop? But seriously, rainouts and doubleheaders will be affecting most every team this season, and we discuss potential repercussions for unprepared squads.

3. Poor Francisco Liriano. Even when he pitches well, he can't get credit for it. Oh that's right, he pitched well against the Seattle Mariners. How about poor Felix Hernandez?

4. We remember the oddity that was the 2002 Florida Marlins rotation, with pitchers better than you think and with more staying power.

5. The Kansas City Royals will unveil 22-year-old left-hander Danny Duffy against the Texas Rangers Wednesday, and Keith discusses mixed feelings on the pitcher.

Plus: Excellent e-mails, how to find KLaw's cupcake recipe (yep, really), why Ryan Braun should be talking to umpires, why there are 33 picks in the first round despite there only being 30 teams and a look at the day's schedule. Phew. All of this and more on Wednesday's Baseball Today!