Podcast: Yanks/O's in extras, reliable ERAs

Here are five reasons why Thursday's ridiculous Baseball Today podcast -- but ridiculous in a good way -- with me and Mark Simon must be listened to:

1. We probably could have talked for hours just about the Yankees-Orioles 15-inning affair, Hector Noesi, the umpires, etc. We didn't, but why wasn't Bartolo Colon given the same consideration to finish the game as Jake Peavy was?

2. Jose Bautista had an interesting Wednesday night, not only being bypassed at the plate, but with a wild defensive play. Mark reminisces about the anniversary of another memorable outfield throw.

3. Was Simon like this as a child, in a good way, of course? He harkens back to a 1985 memory with unearned runs galore, and discusses what Vin Mazzaro and Al Travers have in common. You think Mazzaro had a bad day?

4. OK, Charlie Morton, you've got our attention. But I'd trust the Cleveland Indians before I would Morton's ERA, as we delve deeper.

5. With run scoring down, are we watching baseball or soccer? As long as you're winning, does it matter?

Plus, a few excellent emails, why John Russell helped shape my childhood, looking past the box scores for information, how dangerous playing through the rain can be and really, so much more on Thursday's Baseball Today podcast! Don't forget to listen Friday as well!