Podcast: Law talks College World Series

Here are some of the best reasons why you should listen to Tuesday's Baseball Today podcast with me and College World Series expert Keith Law!

1. Derek "The Captain" Jeter has a painful boo-boo and we discuss the big Yankees picture and how a few weeks off wouldn't be such a bad thing.

2. It's one thing for fantasy owners to count on Florida Marlins right-hander Ricky Nolasco, but what must it be like for the organization to see such inconsistent performances like Monday's? I mean, a pitcher homered off him!

3. Vernon Wells is a good guy. Vernon Wells hit two home runs Monday. See what I did there? Two Wells sentences and no mention of ...

4. I waited all weekend to hear Keith's take on the latest realignment news and how it affects so many parts of the game. He didn't disappoint.

5. College World Series fever, catch it! Keith has! He tells us the teams to watch.

Plus: Excellent emails, why Jair Jurrjens should be in Cy Young consideration (I didn't know he wasn't!), thoughts on some of the young Rockies, the Indians are who we thought they were and we preview Tuesday night in baseball, all on Tuesday's Baseball Today podcast!