Where Hermida fits with Red Sox

I wasn't sure what to make of the Red Sox trading for Jeremy Hermida, so I went to Fire Brand of the American League.

    Hermida is very unlikely to be a starting outfielder for the Boston club next year, but he’s solid depth in case things go awry. Only turning 26, the potential is there for him to realize what made him said 11th pick in the draft.

    He’s a left-handed bat, and he has a rather steep platoon split over his career: .792 OPS against right-handers, .697 against lefties. This past season, his OPS was .786 against righties and .601 against lefties. Even if he never learns how to hit left-handed pitching, this guy is very capable of being our brand new Trot Nixon ...

    If Hermida opens the season as a starting outfielder (even if it’s in a platoon situation), it will signal that Boston views 2010 as a transitional year; a year that the team can compete, but not at a high level.

There's no way that "Boston" heads into 2010 aiming for anything less than 95 wins and a trip to the World Series. If Jason Bay's not re-signed and Hermida winds up in left field, he'll have a decent platoon partner and the Red Sox won't be awful in left field. Granted, they won't be as good as they were in 2009, which means they'll have to improve somewhere else. The two obvious candidates are shortstop and catcher and they're already on track to improve at both positions with full seasons from Alex Gonzalez and Victor Martinez. Throw in little bounce-backs from (still) youngsters Dustin Pedroia and Jacoby Ellsbury, and I'd say the Red Sox are one right-handed bat away from having a lineup with which they can feel confident in.