Podcast: Loving interleague play

The Baseball Today podcast finished off another stupendous week of shows with Friday's version, as me and Mark Simon didn't "balk" at any topics ... see what I did there, Mets fans? Sorry ... but not really. On any given day in baseball you see something cool. Here are reasons to listen to the Friday show:

1. The Mets found an interesting way to lose, but let's spin it positively: The Braves found a way to win! Regardless, a balk-off win isn't as unique as one might think.

2. Nice job by New York Yankees right-hander Brian Gordon in his first big league start. Gordon's outing highlights a fun Thursday of baseball, which we chronicle by the numbers 1 through 9.

3. Which pitcher benefits the most from his home ballpark? We stat the case for a West Coast right-hander.

4. Last week I was able to interview Mike Schmidt, my favorite player growing up, and now Mr. Simon discusses the same thrill this week. Look, it's baseball, it's fun, we all have memories and remember anniversaries, right?

5. I love interleague play, because we get fun series like Yankees-Cubs, Brewers-Red Sox and Phillies-Mariners. Not all the series are winners, but they don't need to be as we preview another great weekend!

Plus: Excellent emails, the streaking Twins get help, the Pirates are contenders -- at least today -- and we say a Happy Father's Day to everyone this weekend, all on Friday's Baseball Today podcast! Enjoy your baseball this weekend!