Podcast: Top fielders of June

Who’s ready for the weekend? Well, I for one certainly am! Friday’s Baseball Today with myself and Mark Simon discussed the best weekend matchups as we hit July, and plenty of other stuff as well!

1. OK, so the Milwaukee Brewers didn’t enjoy their trip to Yankee Stadium, but why does that necessarily mean they couldn’t beat the Yankees in October? An interesting debate occurred here.

2. We know Cliff Lee and Justin Verlander enjoyed themselves in June, but they certainly weren't the only pitchers to do something noteworthy.

3. What about the top fielders of the month? You’ll never guess who did a Brooks Robinson impersonation in June!

4. If Simon’s on the show, you know we’re talking New York Mets, but this week that other New York squad did something extraordinary. And then Mike Pelfrey pitched.

5. Have you ever wondered about the maximum number of hits a team can possibly get in a scoreless half inning? C’mon, raise your hand! You have wondered about this! Simon’s got answers!

Plus: Excellent emails, the latest on Brian Matusz, pitchers and unearned runs, pitchers hitting, and of course, the matchups to watch this July 4th weekend -- all on Friday’s Baseball Today!