Podcast: Fast healers, no coasting

Here are five reasons to check out Tuesday's Baseball Today podcast with myself and … well … it was just me, but for half of the show -- the good half! -- I was joined by special guest Jim Bowden!

1. We discuss the return of Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter and the pending reactivation of Cardinals first baseman Albert Pujols. Hey, some players are simply fast healers!

2. I floated the idea that certain teams seem to be coasting along, assuming their October tickets are punched, and Jim quickly puts me in my place!

3. The process of choosing the All-Stars is an interesting and much-debated one, and Jim shares his strong thoughts on ignoring Andrew McCutchen and other matters.

4. We get the general manager perspective on when a big-league team knows when to throw in the towel and be sellers at or before the trade deadline.

5. I reveal my top 10 in the Power Rankings, but Jim has a different team in the top spot and explains why.

Plus: Excellent emails discussing Madison Bumgarner's one awful outing, the large middle class in baseball, pros and cons of next week's Home Run Derby and so much more on Tuesday's Baseball Today podcast! Check out all the podcasts at ESPNRadio.com/podcenter.