Podcast: Ubaldo Jimenez to the Yankees?

With one baseball game and one trade to discuss, Wednesday’s Baseball Today podcast had plenty of angles, and Keith Law and I certainly tried to explore them ...

1. OK, did Keith watch the All-Star Game? Yes, he did! We break down the big game and congratulate America’s Team for getting to host Game 7 of the World Series!

2. The New York Mets dumped their closer on the Milwaukee Brewers, an interesting but also potentially costly move ... for the Brew Crew!

3. How do the "Hall of Fame" players from the 1998 All-Star Game stack up with the best ever?

4. The Rockies are entertaining all trades. Ubaldo Jimenez to the Yankees?

5. With no baseball or home run derbies to watch tonight ... man, what are we gonna do?

Plus: Excellent emails, the Giants promoting Zack Wheeler, the Expos sadly missing from Montreal and so much more all on Wednesday’s Baseball Today podcast ... don’t miss it!