Podcast: Drew's injury, Pence's trade status

Injuries were the lead focus of Thursday’s Baseball Today podcast, but Keith Law and I also found time for some upbeat discussion as well. Here are a few of the reasons why you should listen:

1. The Diamondbacks lost Stephen Drew, but their offense will survive. The question is about their defense.

2. The Tigers picked up a key player and again the question is about the team’s defense.

3. If KLaw was running the Mets, would he be showing Jose Reyes the proverbial door along with Carlos Beltran?

4. Ozzie Guillen went nuts -- again -- on Wednesday, but we kind of like his behavior. Should the White Sox?

5. It’s a day of aces in baseball, but our focus starts with a right-hander with an ERA on the wrong side of 5.

Plus: Excellent emails, the not-so-excellent Aubrey Huff, late-developing lefty pitchers, prospect Leonys Martin and a ton more on Thursday’s Baseball Today podcast!