Podcast: Phillies, Red Sox top rankings

The members of the Baseball Today podcast team enjoyed their weekend -- some more than others -- and so it was back to work to help create Monday’s fine show, as Mark Simon and I aimed to entertain, with these topics:

1. Most of the show was spent looking ahead, but we share our thoughts on a fine Hall of Fame weekend as well.

2. If it’s Monday we rank the top teams from 1 to 10, and of course our lists look a bit different. Did America’s team make the cut?

3. Oh, to be a Seattle Mariners fan. At least things should get better this week at Yankee Stad-- ... ugh.

4. With Mark planning a trip to Cincinnati on Tuesday to see his beloved Mets, we check out listener suggestions on where to dine, and Mark has a treat for those who meet him!

5. Mark brings great insight in his Simon Says segment, discussing historical facts about Cincinnati, the best players on glove flips and why Randy Choate did not quite make history recently.

Plus: Excellent emails, the matchup of young pitchers in Los Angeles, when we knew we wouldn’t be big leaguers and more on the heat, all on Monday’s hot Baseball Today podcast!