Podcast: Trades, no-hitters and MVPs!

The news never stops in baseball and for Thursday’s edition of the Baseball Today podcast Keith Law and I had plenty to discuss, including the following topics:

1. The Carlos Beltran trade clearly helps the defending champs, but the Giants could be doing more to improve the team just by using the proper personnel.

2. The Cleveland Indians picked up an outfielder as well, and even though the price was lower, so will the return.

3. Speaking of the Tribe, perhaps Ervin Santana’s no-hitter shouldn’t have been that surprising.

4. Who really has been the most valuable player on the Boston Red Sox this season? You might be surprised!

5. The Houston Astros continue to amaze, and not in a good way, but should they go further into the depths of losing?

Plus: Excellent emails, new Mets farmhand Zack Wheeler, more on Colby Rasmus, ground ball pitchers versus fly ball ones, Jonathan Sanchez and more on Thursday’s schedule all on a packed Baseball Today, ready for you to download!