Podcast: Are Giants team to beat in NL?

We finished up a fine week on the Baseball Today podcast with Mark Simon and I recapping, previewing and telling stories, among them from these topics:

1. Mark’s trip to Cincinnati has ended and while he obviously enjoyed his team winning each game, he shares with us tales from the interesting trip.

2. Are the San Francisco Giants the team to beat in the National League? Let’s just say there’s ample evidence after the past few days.

3. Are the Tampa Bay Rays contenders? Let’s just say there’s ample evidence here as well ...

4. Hunter Pence may or may not be on the trade market, but I’ve got some pretty strong opinions on what the team with the best record in baseball needs.

5. If you could watch one series this weekend, while all the trade deadline stuff is going on, which one would it be? We discuss the options.

Plus: Excellent emails, other players on the trade block, buying a championship, why "The Naked Gun" remains an awesome baseball movie and so much more on Friday’s Baseball Today! Enjoy and have a great weekend!