Podcast: Deadline winners, Power Rankings

We’re back from a crazy weekend of wins, losses, trades, headhunting and so much more in the greatest sport, and Mark Simon and I are here to chronicle it for Monday’s Baseball Today podcast. Among the many topics discussed:

1. The trade deadline has passed, and some teams look better, others look a lot better. A few teams look exactly the same. We name winners and losers.

2. Defense plays a critical role in how teams improved as well, and Mark goes in depth to state the biggest names.

3. If it’s Monday it must be Power Rankings day, and while Mark and I have the same 10 teams on our list, it’s a different order. One team that didn’t make it gets its shot starting Monday night.

4. Do you remember your first baseball glove? We do!

5. From Brett Gardner to Carlos Guillen and Jered Weaver, some men behaved badly this weekend. Were they justified?

Plus: Excellent emails, checking out Monday’s schedule with Diamondbacks-Giants leading the way, Bombo Rivera, Joel Youngblood, Craig Counsell, Boone Logan, Jordan Zimmermann and so much more on a packed Monday Baseball Today podcast! Download it now!